Palm Kernel Shell Palm Kernel Shell Palm Kernel Shell

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Product Description


Element Analysis (wt %)

Moisture 13% to 18% (Maximum)
fiber 2% to 3% (Maximum)
Foreign Matter 2% (Maximum)
Hard Nut Shell 95%
Kcal 3500 to 4000
Size :4-20mm



Industry analysis (wt %)

Carbon (C) 52.95
Hydrogen(H) 6.29
Nitrogen (N) 0.52
Oxygen (O) 38.51
Sulphur(S) 0.07



Parameter Unit Result:
Total Moisture (ARB) 15 - 20% (max 22% due to rain)
Ash content (ADB) <3 - 5%
Total Impurity (ARB) < 3%
Total sulfur (ADB) < 1%
Gross calorie value (ARB) 4300 Kcal/kg
Net calorie value (ADB) 4000-4200 Kcal/kg

Company Introduction

T193 Abdu Raman Street.
Our Company is a trading company on phamacy stocks and other medical stocks.We were established in 2005.We have 20 permanent workers and 5 temporal workers.Our company is located in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia.

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