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Min. Order: 60
Production Capacity: 100000
Delivery Lead Time: 15 Days
location: Turkey
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
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Boer goats for sale
  We are proud members of the  British & Turkey Boer Goat Association, the International Boer Goat Association and US Boer Goat Association. You can find us and our Boer goats at many of the sanctioned Boer goat shows across the world.

The fast growing British and Turkey Boer goat has been specially bred for healthy, low cholesterol, lean meat production. It is a short legged, stocky animal with a mainly chestnut / chocolate colored head and neck and an all white, short-coated body.
The Boer is naturally horned but many breeders prefer to dis bud kids within the first week. As the breed has a very docile temperament, dis budding is very much an optional exercise. Mature does weigh 80 –100Kg whilst adult bucks can tip the scales at well over 100Kg.
Commercial use of Boers
Average body weights of pure bred and dairy crosses
Boer bucks are being used in Britain as terminal sires on dairy breeds to produce high quality meat kids.    
Birth Weight
3 Months
5 Months
7 Months


 They are forecast to increase even further as health conscious consumers turn to quality meats, produced in welfare friendly conditions. The export of high health status pedigree Boers from Britain is also becoming a lucrative market for some breeders.
British and Turkey Boer Goat grading system
The percentage of any particular animal is calculated by adding together the percentage of both its parents and then dividing by two.
The term PURE (Grade 0) is applied to stock of 93.76% Boer and above. Females of 96.87% and above can be upgraded to 100%.
Grade 1 is applied to stock of 87.5% – 93.75% (inclusive)
Grade 2 is applied to stock of 75% – 87.5% (inclusive)
Grade 3 is applied to stock of 50% – 75% (inclusive)
Grade 4 is applied to all goats of up to 50% (inclusive)

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Packaging & Delivery

  • Delivery Lead Time : 15days As soon as possible depending on delivery location
  • Minimum Order : 60
  • Supply Ability : 100000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Company Introduction

Welcome to the website for Topknot Boer Goats.
A herd of full-blood Boer goats bred in the UK from imported bloodlines from around the world.The foundation stock were embryos from New Zealand, followed by animals from Canada, and most recently embryos from Australia and Turkey .This enables the Topknot herd to supply quality breeding stock to breeders in the UK and abroad.
The Herd is Scrapie Monitored (has been for more than Ten years) and CAE Accredited with the SAC, and tested CLA clear in 2014.
Goat meat is also seasonally available.

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