fillet Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet fillet

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APO, frozen Alaska Pollock fillet,  4/6 oz, 6/8 oz, skinless, boneless, PBI/PBO, natural fillet, IQF/interleave, any glazing and packing.

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Company Introduction

Dalian Shanhai Seafood Co., Ltd is a Sino-American joint venture company with its headquarter location in Dalian China, having one processing plant in Zhuanghe. Our main products are categorized into two series: fish fillets and breaded series. Fish fillets are available in Chum Salmon, Pollock, Cod etc. The breaded series are of premium shrimps and some fish fillets as well. We export to America and Europe for wholesale to both of western and Chinese restaurants, and also for the supermarket retail. Nowadays, we have achieved stable international market share in the keen competition globally thanks to our best quality products at a most favorable price. Please check our website for more product information

1. Chum/Pink Salmon fillet/portion, top quality, color 13+, IQF/block /interleave, any packing
2. Alaska Pollock fillet, 4/6, 6/8,skinless,boneless, PBI/PBO, natural fillet, IQF/interleave, any glazing and packing
3. Hake fillet
4. Pacific cod fillet/loin
5. Todarodes Squid tube (U5, U7, U10)
6. Breaded Pollock fillet
7. Imitation breaded crab claw
8. Breaded shrimp

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