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bonito , tilapia , mackerel Frozen and Dried Fishes bonito tilapia mackerel

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We do supply frozen fish like tilapia, mackerel, emperor fish, catfish, skipjack, sardine fish, tuna, baby octopus, salmon, pomfret, bonito fish, croakers,bream, tongue sole, squid, sillago, ribbon fish, parrot fish, loligo, hilsha fish, geoduck, and alfonsino
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Company Introduction

Daybrooks Co is food manufacturing company based in the production of Poultry products like frozen chicken and parts, frozen ducks and parts, frozen pork and parts, livestock like beef meat, omasum, goat meat, ram meat, buffalo meat, bull, animal hides and feeds, live animals. We also engage in seafood production like fishes, crabs, shrimps, lobsters. Also have dairy products like eggs and milk products, also cooking oil available. We are located in Anchorage, Alaska and also have a branch in Hawaii.
We supply our products world wide with Asia being our main market.

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