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Our company seasonally buys and sells glass eels, aguilla rostrata. Our product is the best quality live glass eel on the east coast of the United States and we have a very good success rate with our shipments, 97% and higher success rate, assuring the buyer gets what he pays for.
We have purchased product from the best trained fishermen on the east coast, here in the USA and also done the same from licensed fishermen in Canada. Tons of our product have been sold into several countries in the orient, to be placed into grow ponds. Taiwan and China have been two of our biggest buyers.
In recent years we have not shipped much and are looking to forge new relationships. Our company may be interested in buying and selling now, April and May 2012, but we will most definitely want to have someone to buy beginning in September and willing to continue through December. We will have eels to sell from the Caribbean.
We also have shipped other products into markets into Japan which have included but have not been limited to sea urchins and kelp.
There are no others that are more experienced than ourselves and are confident we can provide what the customer requests. We deliver a quality product and stand behind our word.

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