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At Thai Jurawan Seafood Co Ltd , Since 1970 , we are specialized in the processing and supply of high grade seafood

We supply Live , fresh ,frozen and dry seafood products of various types .

Presently we have a large variety of dry sea cucumber ready for supply with details as bellow

White teat fish : $15 per kg.

Sand fish:$15 per kg.

Black teat fish:$15per kg.

Prickly red fish:$15 per kg

Deep-water red fish:$10 per kg

Stone fish:$10 per kg.

Surf red fish:$15 per kg

Black fish:$15 per kg

Brown sand fish:$15 per kg.

Lolly fish:$10 per kg

Pink fish:$10per kg

Elephant's trunk fish:$16 per kg

Green fish:$15 per kg,

Curry fish:$10 per kg

Amber fish:$10 per kg

8 pin :$25 per kg

You should precise exact details of the product you need ,

required quantity and delivery port for a more accurate price . 

For further inquiry do not hesitate to contac us .

Company Introduction

At THAI JURAWAN SEAFOOD CO LTD, we are focused on providing the best services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction –

Created in Thailand in 1970 , we have become today the leading manufacturer of seafood and frozen meat from Thailand . We are In partnership with other big companies . Our factories meet the international standards and we are EU certified . We hereby confirm that we can supply anywhere in the world .
We suppy
Live Seafood
Fresh Seafood
Frozen Seafood
Dry Seafood
Halal Chicken meat
Other types of meat
Cowries , abalone shell , dry cuttlefish bone ....

Our products are of very high grade , prices affordable and delivery prompt .
Hope you enjoy your tower through our website

We are loking for long term partnership . You are always welcome to visit us at any time .


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