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Cucumber Top Grade Food Authentic Dry Sea Cucumber Cucumber

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Top Grade Food Authentic Japan Dry Sea Cucumber (100g/bag) Beche-de-mer High Quality Wild  Trepang Dry Goods Holothurian


The sea cucumber nutritional value:

1, resistance to fatigue;
2, tonifying qi and blood;
3, antibacterial anti-inflammatory;
4, promote the development.


The sea cucumber to adapt to the crowd below




1, to adapt to the low immunity, fatigue, chills, sweating, often catch a cold;
 2, the knowledge workers and the heavy manual labor, such as athletes, sub-health crowd;
 3, chronic wasting disease such as diabetes, anemia;
 4, puberty in children brain gold DHA;
 5, pregnant women and puerpera;
 6, urban white-collar and the love of beauty a modern women.


Edible of the steps
 1, first with cold water soaked sea cucumber six hours, make the sea cucumber soft,
 2, open sea cucumber in the abdomen, get rid of the  intestines of the abdomen and other internal things,
 3, use cold water soaked sea cucumber again more than 18 hours, ferment sea cucumber completely good,
 4, you can cook the sea cucumbers and other vegetables or meat stewed or Saute.

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