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Cucumber , Dried Cucumber Dried Sea Cucumber for Sale Cucumber Dried Cucumber

Min. Order: 15000 month /
Production Capacity: 15 month /
Delivery Lead Time: 7 Days
location: United Arab Emirates
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
Expiry date Long-term
Last update: 2018-05-15 01:49
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Basic Info
Product Description

We are one of the prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dried Sea Cucumbers. Dried Sea Cucumbers are marine animals that are used in fresh or Dried form in various cuisines. Dried Sea Cucumbers is tasteless and bland. It is considered to have medicinal value.

Cutted, boiled
Common name : Pepino de mar
English name : Sea Cucumber
Scientific name : Patallus Mollis
Moisture: 7% apporx.
Size: 4Cm to 8Cm
Color : Black
Packaging : 20 kG box with 4 sacks of 5kg
The Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber are:

Prevent Blood Clotting
Wound Up Healing
High Intake of Protein
Prevent Arthritis
Prevent Cancer
Anti-microbial Compounds
Antiviral Compounds
Anti-Inflammatory Activity
Antioxidant Properties
Anti Fatigue and Boosts Immune Systems
Healing Gum Disease
Anti-Thrombotic Compounds

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Packaging & Delivery

  • Delivery Lead Time : 7 days
  • Minimum Order : 15000/month
  • Supply Ability : 15MT / 1500

Company Introduction

We are the number one huge producer of Beans, Grain, Nuts & Kernels , Tobacco, Livestock & Animal Products

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