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Product Description

Pre-cooled, fresh products:
Weight: 35-39 kg
Shelf life: temperature 0+4°C - 5 days

Frozen products:
Weight: 35-39 kg
Shelf life: temperature -18°C - 12 months 

Company Introduction

The Darius trademark name was established in Hungary in 2009, and within a few years it also gained positions in the European market. The "Darius" name is the brand of a corporate group, and it also designates the leading producer of sausages, delicatessen meat products, chilled and frozen pork and poultry.
The Darius brand products are currently produced in several meat plants operating in Hungary, Russia and Ukraine. These companies include 3 meat processing plants, 5 poultry farms, a pork plant, a poultry processing unit and a fodder plant.
The meat plants are equipped with the latest European technologies, allowing manufacture of premium quality products. This means that the Darius products are made exclusively from fresh meat, with no added soya, genetically modified components, flavorings or fragrance enhancers.
The manufacturing of premium quality meat products is performed by the companys own poultry and pork slaughterhouses. These modern facilities meet the highest European standards.
Currently, Darius produces more than 200 types of raw poultry, pork and meat products (boiled, semi-smoked, boiled-smoked and raw-smoked sausages, ham and delicatessen meat products).
The Darius branded products have the top quality parameters, and are made from raw materials of excellent quality. The product quality control is guaranteed by the multi-stage quality control system that is maintained in the factory. This system enables the control of the following quality parameters raw materials, additives and finished products in each manufacturing phase.
Natural spices and various sausage skins of excellent quality are used exclusively when producing Darius sausages.

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