LAVER Roasted Seaweed LAVER

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Company Introduction

Samjin Globalnet was founded in 1970 as an exporter of Korean traditional food. Since we set up our first branch office in Chicago, we have established a world-wide network of food distribution despite all the difficulty and obstacle as a vanguard. We have 9 branch offices in the USA under the name of Wang Globalnet, and many regional business partners throughout Japan, China, East Asia, Australia, Brazil, and Europe, etc., which makes us proud of being a leading exporter of Korea.
Korean food has begun to capture the appetite of people around the world, and we are trying to meet the needs of the people who are interested in Korean food. We have operated our own domestic production facilities at Naju plant specializing in Kimchi, Canned foods, Sauce/Seasoning production, Pusan and Kwangju plants specializing in processing fish and frozen storage. Recently we have expanded our global merchandising system into China, strengthened R&D section and renewed manufacturing lines, which will be solidify our position as a leading food distributor in global market.
We have begun our best attention and sincerity in every process of our business. We will be continuously committed to provide quality products and services to you. We hope that our effort will contribute to make you healthy and happy.

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