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Sea tangle(Laminaria japonica) granule in capsule. We pulverize clean and dried sea tangle to 100-200mesh, and mixed with vitamin C and it's extract to make dough. Then sea tangle granules are formed by granulator and dried it at 60 degree celsius for overnight in drier. In clean room, the granule stock in capsule to make 450mg each. We put 135capsules in every clean bottle, and labeled on it. The products must be inspected by goverment inspector and put on market.

Company Introduction

This year we add new items; such as Chaga nushroom exteact, fucoxanthin containing granule, fucoidan drink.

We also produce sea tangle granule, extract, noodle, and sea tangle capsule (like modifilan in US).

If everything goes well, we may produce perfume and antioxidants using high biotech. employing specific microorganism (Korea patent # 0209546)

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