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Species of this genus of algae may grow to a length of several metres. They are generally brown or dark green in color and consist of a holdfast, a stipe, and a frond.
Sodium alginate is a food additive made from the cell walls of brown seaweeds like sargassum, although it can also be made from other brown seaweeds, also known as kelp.
Sargassum as a Sea Vegetable
Sargassum can be eaten in a stir-fry as a vegetable. It is rich in minerals such as iodine which helps promote healthy thyroid function. Kelp is low in calories -- a 1-oz. serving has only 12 calories, and is fat- and sugar-free.
Sargassum as a Diuretic in TCM
Sargassum can help reduce the amount of water in the body, reducing adema, or swelling, by increasing the production of urine, notes the website Healthline. Sargassum seaweed is a common component of Tradition Chinese Medicine, and is used to treat a range of issues from thyroid problems to silicosis.

Style: dried seaweed
Moisture: 33 - 35% max
Impurities: 3-5% max
Packing: 25 - 50kgs/bag

Style: dried seaweed (grind)
Mesh size: 3 - 12 mm
Moisture: 10-12% max
Impurities: 3-5% max
Packing: PE 25kgs / bag

Style: seaweed powder
Moisture: 8 - 10% max
Impurities: 3-5% max
Packing: 25kgs/ bag

Style: seaweed liquid
N: 0.40 - 0.55 % ww
P2O5: 0.15 - 0.25 % ww
K2O: 0.60 - 0.70 % ww
Mg: 0.03 - 0.05 % ww
S: 0.05 - 0.10 % ww
Fe: 20.00 - 30.00 ppm
Cu: 10.00 - 20.00 ppm
Zn: 10.00 - 25.00 ppm
Mn:  7.00 - 15.00 ppm
Boron (B): 15.00 - 20.00 pm
Humic acid: 0.70%
Value: 7.5 - 9.0

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