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  • This product is made by the following process: after active ingredients are accurately mixed, high quality chlorella fine powder is added during the soap-making reaction process. The functional substances effective for disinfection and moisturizing, and fine chlorella powder contained in the product provide skin with excellent nutrition including vegetable protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, keeping skin healthy.


  • A key ingredient of this product is coconut oil; this is mixed with grape seed oil, sorbitol, tocopherol, and jojoba oil, to which chlorella powder extract is added

Company Introduction

Black Tec is a company that studies and manufactures various functional soaps and natural cosmetics using natural raw material, with all the manufacturing process controlled manually. We are releasing various products by combining purely vegetable edible raw material and adding various natural materials considering the manufacturing characteristics.

Our products reduce irritation on skins exposed to environmental pollution, and maintain smooth and elastic skin condition with soft and abundant foam while washing. Putting priority on the environment, our company develops and researches mysterious and safe traditional oriental BIO material to make products that everyone can use with no side-effect.
Our company 14 products all obtained import license from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, so anyone can use them safely.

Soap Products Characteristics (Common features)
Our products are made of a combination(mixture) of 99% natural raw material, with no preservatives, P E G (Poly ethylene Glycol), or T E A (tri-ethanol amine). Furthermore, 100% edible material has been carefully selected and added in order to minimize irritation to users skin and to remove any harm during manufacturing.

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