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Seaweed , Gracilaria Palopo Gracilaria Seaweed Gracilaria Palopo

Min. Order: 25
Production Capacity: 200
Delivery Lead Time: 60 Days
location: Indonesia
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
Expiry date Long-term
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Basic Info
Product Description

Gracilaria is a genus of red algae (Rhodophyta) notable for its economic importance as an agarophyte, as well as its use as a food for humans and various species of shellfish. Various species within the genus are cultivated among Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.

Gracilaria bursa-pastoris (S.G.Gremlin) Silva and Gracilaria multipartita (Clemente) Harvey have long been established in southern England and northwestern France, but confusion between Gracilaria gracilis (Stackhouse) Steentoft, L.Irvine & Farnham and Gracilariopsis longissima (S.G.Gmelin) Steentoft, L. Irvine & Farnham, (as Gracilaria verrucosa (Hudson) Papenfuss or Gracilaria confervoides (L.) Greville) (Steentoft et al. 1995), has prevented recognition of the northern boundaries.

In Indonesia, Gracilaria cultivated in many regions of Sulawesi and Java. Gracilaria from Sulawesi are preferred by manufacturers of gelatin in Indonesia and overseas importers, because they have a very good gel strength and easy in production.

We sell seaweed Gracilaria with the following specifications

• Moisture content (Moisturicy): 15% -20%
• Stools (Impurity): Maximum 4%
• Planting Age: 45-60 Days
• Color: Black, Amarant, Violet
• Drying: Sunlight
• Price: Contact Me via email or telephone
• Production Capacity: 300 Tons / Month

  Packaging system with the press by using press machine which is designed specifically for seaweed pressings per-bale weighing 50 Kg or 100 Kg and is wrapped with plastic bag



  • Price Condition : FOB
  • Delivery Port : Makassar

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packing : Plastic Bale
  • Packaging Size : 50 x 50 x 100   ( Centimeters )
  • Delivery Lead Time : 60 days for OEM, 7 days for ready goods
  • Minimum Order : 25MT
  • Supply Ability : 200MT/Month

Company Introduction

Inasea Seaweed we dedicate as a source information and Seaweed trade in Indonesian. We have experienced in the seaweed business over 8 years. We were in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, trade and cultivation center seaweed in Indonesia. We come to gave information about seaweed and seaweed trade in Indonesia.

You can get information about the seaweed from us, about the price, quality, culivation, etc. You can also buy seaweed from us from the type of E. Cottonii, Gracilaria, E. Spinossum and Gracilaria. Our scope of work and networking almost in every central seaweed cultivation in Indonesia ranging from Java, Bali, NTT, NTB, Maluku, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

Our Services
We provide good service for purchasing, Seaweed information from Our Country , and purchase mediation between you and our colleagues from each seaweed producing areas

Purchasing Services.
We are serve seaweed trade for variety of purposes, with seaweed procurement capacity to 300MT / month for Cottonii and Gracilaria types, and for Sargassum and Spinossum, ranges 100MT / month. For Information full product specifications please refer to this website and do not hesitate to consult with us if you have any questions.

Seaweed Information
We also serve the demand for information about Indonesian seaweed, ranging from cultivation, updates prices, trading systems, types of seaweed Indonesia, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information seaweed from Indonesia. You can ask it via email that we have provided.

Purchasing Mediation
We have a network of procurement seaweed almost all centers of cultivation in Indonesia, we provide mediation services to those who wish to buy seaweed from our network with some of the deals that can be agreed between us and investors.

You need to buy seaweed, need information about seaweed from Indonesia or planning to invest? please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you.

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