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Product Description

PRODUCT NAME: Frozen Whole Chicken, Frozen Chicken
Wing, Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter, Frozen Chicken Paw, Frozen chicken Feets
,Frozen Chicken Neck , Frozen Chicken Heart and Liver , Frozen Chicken Frozen Processed Chicken Feet (grade A)
- Feather off
- Yellow outer skin off
- Well clean & fresh
- Outer hard nail on
- No bruise
- No black pad or Ammonia burns
- No any bad smell
- No extravagated blood
- The moisture content is less than 5%

PRODUCT NAME: Frozen Unprocessed Chicken Feet ( grade A)
- Excess water: dry or less than 5%
- Black spot max : 5%
- Broken bone : 3-5%
- No bad smell
- Well cleaned
- Yellow skin on
- Weight: 100-145gram


Certification: HALAL
Frozen temperature:
- Blasted at: -20C
- Storage at: minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Age of chicken:
35-45 days minimum at time of slaughter
Shelf life: 12 months from production date
Shipping: 20-40ft containers

Company Introduction

food and beverages company is present in more than 40 countries with high quality products guaranteed by certifications ISO 9001, Food Products and APPCC/HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

Adding value to the commercialized products based on the food safety, respecting cultures and quality of life of all people, food and beverages company completes 48 years of foundation and 30 years of experience in foreign markets, today present in 5 continents.

With 4.600 members and 6.700 employees, food and beverage slaughters 330 thousand birds a day, 60% of this volume is commercialized in the local market and 40% is exported for more than 40 countries. The cooperative is reference in the world, not only because of the product quality, but the concern about the welfare in society.

The cooperative is synonymous of security for all the partners, mainly the customers, recognized for the sustainability of the projects that are developed to improve life of all involved people and protect the environment for future generations.

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