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Pork trimmings Pork Loin Ribs,Pork Trimmings Pork trimmings

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Fresh with High nutritive value that is processed in hygienic conditions

For the diverse requirements of our clients, we are engaged in supplying and trading an extensive range of Pork  These are frozen items and can be stored from month in a cool dry place as they are given proper ammonia treatment for longer sustenance life. Sausages can be eaten as steamed, fried, can be marinated and salted, also can be eaten when grilled or heated in the oven.
Type of storage: frozen (-18°C)

Best before: 9 months.

Company Introduction

Mitmar Protein LTD is a Nordic based company here in Europe that do supply All types of Whey protein, elite nutrition whey protein 80 is made of 100% pure undenatured whey protein derived through modern and filtration processes. Our Whey proteins has a high biological value and contains all the necessary amino acids making it an optimal source of extra protein. Whey protein is absorbed quickly in the body, and is therefore an ideal supplement after training. Pro Whey protein and can be dissolved by stirring in water or milk. Application: Whey Protein 80 as a supplement to a healthy and nutritious diet . Whey protein can be used by anyone who wants an extra allowance of protein.
Cross flow micro ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate (80% db), natural flavoring and coloring: beetroot color (Strawberry), defatted cocoa powder (chocolate). * Sweetener: aspartame, aselufam k * (contains phenylalanine) Ingredients: Cross Flow Micro Ultra Filtered Whey protein concentrate (80% db), Natural and artificial flavors, Sweeteners: Aspartame, Acesuflame k
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