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beewax Cosmetic Grade A Yellow Beewax 100% Pure White Beeswax beewax

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Mineral wax. The matrix material is mainly used for cream cosmetics, also used as a curing agent of wax, lipstick and other cosmetics. After purification, do Vaseline, grease, wax candles, paper raw materials. Also used in insulation, insulation, water, insulation, industrial coatings, and medical and cosmetic products, etc.

1. It is easily incorporated in water and oil emulsions

2. It is an excellent emollient and support for moisturizers

3. It gives skin protective action of a non-occlusive type

4. It gives good “body” (consistency) to emulsions, oil and gels

5. It reinforces the action of detergents

6. It increases the protective action of sunscreens

7. Its elasticity and plasticity improve product efficacy by allowing thinner films and

8. It provides greater permanence on skin and lip surfaces -It does not provoke allergic reactions

9.It is compatible with many cosmetic ingredients

1. Cosmetics

It has good property of Viscosity, permeability and emulsification, smoothness,widely used in cream, cold cream, lipstick, oils, the production of eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, etc.

2. Food

It has good shaping, filming , waterproof, moisture proof, preventing the oxidation, therefore, also used in food industry and the family barbecue, cooking utensils, as well as used as mold release agent in Chinese and western snacks and candy processing

3. The pharmaceutical industry

Widely used as ointment makings, proprietary Chinese medicine packaging, etc.

4. Other industrial

Beeswax is widely used in electric power industry, electronic industry, printing industry, leather industry, printing ink, oil industry, paper making industry and candles and so on.

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