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Product Description



CAS No. :  420-04-2/ 65931-45-5

EINECS No. :206-992-3

Molecular formula: CN2H2

Molecular weight: 42.02

HS CODE: 2853009030


                                 Product Name


Cyanamide 30% Solution

Cyanamide 50% Solution




Colorless or Slightly  yellow liquid

Cyanamide Content



Cyanoguanidine content



PH Value



Specific Density

1.035-1.055 g/cm3


Cyanamidesolution can be used as the growth regulators, fungicides, defoliants andnontoxic pesticides of the fruit plants.

Cyanamide solution canbreak the dormant time of deciduous plant, and prompt its early germination,flowering, fruiting and mature, improve fruit weight and yield per mu. Inplants, Cyanamide will be quickly metabolized in plant, and all converted tocarbon which plants need to grow. There will be no residue in fruit, andwithout any bad effect on the quality of the fruit.

In addition, Cyanamidesolution can be applied as industrial raw materials, pharmaceutical, pesticideintermediates, agricultural fertilizers and food additives.


Productwill be filled in plastic barrel. The weight can be 5, 10, 20, and 200Kg perbarrel. It can also be packed according to clients’ requirement.


Forthe product with Concentration of 30% or less, the temperature should notexceed 35℃ during storage andtransport.

Forthe product with Concentration of 50% or above, the temperature should notexceed 25℃ during storage andtransport.

Company Introduction

HANGZHOU GENRONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. since its establishment, continuously follows the principle of concentration, Enthusiasm, future. Concentration is the business concepts, which is the firm faith on the quality, the persistent pursuit of technology innovation, and the high focus on the reputation. Enthusiasm is the attitude, to put customers profit in the first place, to stand in customers situation and to give as perfect service as possible. Future is the ideal, to bring product of green, stable, efficient to the world, to devote itself to be superior enterprise of plant growth solution.

Our major products include plant growth regulator, bio-fertilizer, and other environmental chemical fertilizers. Every batch passes through strict quality control and inspection, assuring it reliable and stable. Our flagship product, hydrogen cyanamide 50%, with its excellent quality, stable content and super-low concentration of dicyandiamide, has been exported to abroad for years. Humic-series fertilizers, with its high active ingredient, consistent quality and high water-solubility, enjoy good reputation among domestic and abroad clients. Besides, fertilizers like NPK, MAP have been sold in huge quantity because of its high quality while low price.

The company applies human-based management system, everyone acts as the host of the company, what they do and what they say all represent the company. All the staff keeps it in mind of its principle: concentration, enthusiasm and future, maintains the status of the company, promotes comprehensive qualities, and cultivate the professional dedication: love their jobs, love their company, work selflessly and go all out efforts to upward!

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