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Ammonium Nitrate Prill Ammonium Nitrate Prill

Tags: Ammonium Nitrate Prill 2018-05-14 17:17

Company IntroductionChina Dongda Industry CO.,Ltd is a bigger manufacturer of Soda-Chlorine and fine chemical products i ...

agriculture fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate Agriculture Fertilizer

Tags: agriculture fertilizer 2018-05-14 17:17

Ammonium sulphate agriculture fertilizerCAS: 7783-20-2Appearancewhite crystal without any impurity visible to the naked ...

bio fertilizer , urea Organic Bio Microbial Nitrogen Fixed Fertilizer

Tags: bio fertilizer urea 2018-05-14 17:17

Bio Nitrogen fertilizerDescription:The Zhoutian Bio Nitrogen fertilizer is a rich in ammounim,nitrate, amino acid fertil ...

Chemical , Urea Prilled Urea

Tags: Chemical Urea Prilled 2018-05-13 07:55

Company IntroductionStamford Resources is a Singapore registered trading company. We trade mainly in agriculture product ...

Rebco , D2 Urea N46% Fertilizer

Tags: Rebco D2 2018-05-13 07:55

Company IntroductionUNIVERSAL EXPORT LTD (Russia) is a young, engaging, dynamic trading, supplier, consulting, Independe ...

liquid germall plus , germall bp Germaben B

Tags: liquid germall plus germall bp 2018-05-13 07:55

Company IntroductionTaicang Yanlin Chemical Plant, set up in 1993, is located in Taicang, the atrip place of Zheng He� ...

Organic Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer Steel Grade Granular

Tags: Organic Fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:53

Company IntroductionThis is Peter from Hebei Longhai Fertilizers Co.,Ltd in China. I am very happy to get your contact i ...

Chemicals Ammonium Sulphate

Tags: Chemicals 2018-05-13 07:55

Company IntroductionDawnlight International Industry Co.,Ltd, established in 1987, is a specialized manufacturer and sup ...

Fertilizer Urea Fertilizer

Tags: Fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:55

Company IntroductionDear Sir,We can supply quality Agriculture Grade Fertilizer Urea, DAP. NPK . TSP, Rock Phosphate,Amm ...

Ammonium nitrate Ammonium Nitrate

Tags: Ammonium nitrate 2018-05-13 07:54

Company IntroductionEstablished since 2004, Impex Minerals Co., Ltd is a family-run trading, manufacturing and metal rec ...

fertilizer sale Fertilizer Ammonium Chloride Powder Byproduct of Soda Ash

Tags: fertilizer sale 2018-05-13 07:54

Company Introductionmainlysupply ammonium chloride ,ammonium sulphate ,more than 60,0000MT per year ,welcome to inquiry ...

organic fertilizer NUTRIBEST Ultra N

Tags: organic fertilizer 2018-05-13 18:25

1. FORTIFIED ORGANIC FERTILIZER NUTRIBEST SERIESNUTRIBEST Ultra N (18-2-2 +MgO +B+HA+TE)- High input in soluble nitrogen ...

Ammonium Sulphate Ammonium Sulphate

Tags: Ammonium Sulphate 2018-05-13 07:52

Name:Ammonium Sulphate Molecularformula:(NH4)2SO4 CASNo.:7783-20-2 EINECSNo.:207-838-8 Usage:Ammonium Sulphate is mainly ...

ammonium sulfate steel grade , AS Ammonium Sulfate

Tags: ammonium sulfate steel grade AS 2018-05-13 07:55

Ammonium Sulphate CAS No.: 7783-20-2Molecular Formula: (NH4)2SO4Molecular Weight:132.14Structural Formula:Properties:Amm ...

Ammonium sulphate granular compacted Ammonium Sulphate Granular

Tags: Ammonium sulphate granular compacted 2018-05-13 07:54

Specifications:GB535-1995itemstandardTestresultNitrogen(%)20.520.9Sulfur(%)2323.5moisture(%)1.51Freeacidity(H2SO4) ...

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Tags: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate 2018-05-13 07:52

The main components nitrate and ammonium are present in an ideal ratio and make CAN an affordable fertilizer for healthy ...

ammonium sulfate Ammonium Sulphate

Tags: ammonium sulfate 2018-05-13 07:54

CAS:7783-20-2MF:(NH4)2SO4Content: 21% MinAlias:ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulphate, sulfuric acid, diammonium salt, diam ...

exporter , N 46% Urea

Tags: exporter N 46% 2018-05-13 07:52

We have own factory,with good quality and competitive price. You are welcome to visit anytime.PricePriceCondition : FOBD ...

nitrogen fertilizer NPK FertilizersPhosphate Fertilixer,Nitrogen Fertilizer,DMC and Aniline Oil,LAB and LABSA,DMF,MPG

Tags: nitrogen fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:54

Magnesium Sulphate HeptahydrateCaustic SodaDMF (dimethyl formamide), methylene chloride, MPG (propylene glycol), DMC and ...

Ammonium Sulphate Ammonium Sulphate

Tags: Ammonium Sulphate 2018-05-13 07:52

Classification: Nitrogen FertilizerType: Ammonium SulphateCAS No.: 7783-20-2Other Names: ammonium sulfateMF: (NH4)2SO4EI ...

calcium salt , fertilizer Calcium Nitrate

Tags: calcium salt fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:52

Calcium Nitrate Formula:Ca(NO3)24H2O  Formula weight:236.15  Properties and applications: &# ...

fertilizer , organic fertilizer Fresh Bat Guano Fertilizer

Tags: fertilizer organic fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:52

FRESH BAT GUANO FERTILIZERFresh Bat Guano is the droppings of bats is taken directly from the bat cave. The process ...

multifunctional inorganic peroxide Granular Calcium Peroxide

Tags: multifunctional inorganic peroxide 2018-05-13 07:51

We are seeking global co-operation agents for our products.Granular Calcium PeroxideCAS:1305-79-9Description: Light yel ...

Organic Fertilizer , Best Fertilizer Fertilizer

Tags: Organic Fertilizer Best Fertilizer 2018-05-13 07:50

Milorganite 36 lb. Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer is good for promoting healthy growth of lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers. ...

Urea , Nitrogen Urea Nitrogen Fertilize Urea 46 Nitrogen Granular Nitrogen Fertilizer Ruses of Dap Fertilize

Tags: Urea Nitrogen 2018-05-13 07:48

AppearanceWhite crystal granuleNitrogen46.4%minMoisture0.4%maxBiuret0.5% MaxMelting point132.7℃Static Resistance0.7%Gra ...

Prilled Urea N46%Prilled

Tags: Prilled 2018-05-13 07:45

Commodity:Urea(N 46% Prilled) White colorN content:46% minBiuret:0.9%Size:0.8-2.8mmPurity:98%Payment Terms:30% T/T in ad ...

salts , micro manures Calcium Ammonium Nitrate{ Can }

Tags: salts micro manures 2018-05-13 07:48

we do supply first grade of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer with 99.98% purity level and it meets WHO standard of sa ...

Ammonium sulfate Ammonium Sulfate

Tags: Ammonium sulfate 2018-05-13 07:50

Ammonium sulphate granular for agricultural:Structural Formula:(NH4)2SO4Appearance: granule Nitrogen : 20.5%minMoisture ...


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