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frozen black fungus IQF Black Fungus Frozen Black Fungus

Tags: frozen black fungus 2018-07-01 18:14

Frozen black fungus:ProductFronzen black fungusSpecification1. Shred: Width: 5mm, long in nature 2. Slice: 1*1 cm or 2*2 ...

Black Fungus China Changbai Mountain Black Fungus

Tags: Black Fungus 2018-07-01 18:14

China Changbai Mountain black fungus the world's best black fungus we are suppliers. Also supply a variety of wines, ...

Black Fungus Dried Black Fungus

Tags: Black Fungus 2018-07-01 18:14

Dried black fungusDear CustomersWe are proud of our heritage as prominent Exporting Company in Vietnam and have consiste ...

mushroom Black Fungus,Boletus,Champignon,Matsutake,Straw and Shiitake Mushroom for Sale

Tags: mushroom 2018-07-01 18:14


Dried vegetable Vietnamese Dried Black Fungus

Tags: Dried vegetable 2018-07-01 18:14

- Features:Cut RootWashedWholeImpurities: 1% MaxMoisture: smaller than 15%Thickness: 0.7mm MinWidth:1cm to 2cm (20%) 3cm ...

champignon noir Black Fungus

Tags: champignon noir 2018-07-01 18:13

ProductName:Driedfungusmushroom,CloudearmushroomRelatedProducts:Driedmushroom,GanodermaLucidum,Monkeyheadmushroom,Whit ...

cocoa beans Cocoa Beans

Tags: cocoa beans 2018-05-12 18:39

Raw. Sun-Dried Cocoa BeansMoisture: 5% maximumForeign Matters: .5% maximumBean Count: 91 to 99 beans/kgBroken/Defective: ...

Dried Cocoa Beans Dried Cocoa Beans for Sale

Tags: Dried Cocoa Beans 2018-05-12 18:39

We are direct producers and suppliers of good quality Coffee and Cocoa Beans of different types. We sell at affordable C ...

beans Grade A Cocoa Beans for Sale Whatsaap +27620540439

Tags: beans 2018-05-12 18:39

With the help of our skilled professionals, we offer an extensive range ofCocoa Beans,which are widely used for preparin ...

cocoa Organic certified Cacao Bean

Tags: cocoa Organic certified 2018-05-12 18:39

Physical Characteristics:1) Fineness: 99.0 - 99.7% through 200 micron sieve2) Appearance: Fine, free flowing dark brown ...

white corn Cacao Nibs

Tags: white corn 2018-05-15 05:41

Product Description ProductOrganic Raw Cacao Nibs / Theobroma Cacao L.VarietyCriollo OriginPeru Shelf Life2 Years Qualit ...

Cocoa Beans Best Quality Grade A Cocoa Beans for Sale

Tags: Cocoa Beans 2018-05-12 18:38

high quality cocoa beans producing beans with the strongest flavourraw sun-dried cocoa beansa) moisture: 5.5% - 6.2% max ...

cocoa powder Cocoa Powder

Tags: cocoa powder 2018-05-09 23:12

We are one of the major suppliers of cocoa powder ,cocoa beans ,coffee and other agricultural grains in the market. Coco ...

Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans

Tags: Cocoa Beans 2018-05-09 23:12

great quality,fermented cocoa beans,sun dried available for sale. Quality is great. We also sell cocoa powder. Both alka ...

cocoa powder Sun Dried Cocoa Beans

Tags: cocoa powder 2018-05-09 23:12

Specification:ProductNamecacao beansAnotherNameCocoaSeeds Extract,Cacao Extract,Cocoa ExtractLatinNameTheobromacacaoL.Ac ...

Hemp Seeds Raw Cocoa Beans

Tags: Hemp Seeds 2018-05-09 23:12

high quality cocoa beans producing beans with the strongest flavourraw sun-dried cocoa beansa) moisture: 5.5% - 6.2% max ...

coffee beans Cocoa and Coffee Beans

Tags: coffee beans 2018-05-07 21:16

Company Introductionwe are manufacturers and sellers of cocoa beans and coffee from a very large estate of land in Camer ...

red mercury High Grade Dried Raw Cocoa Beans for Sale

Tags: red mercury 2018-05-07 21:15

We are genuine suppliers of following Energy Products:D2 Diesel OilM-100JP-54LNGLPGBASE OILCRUDE OILUREA 46%NPKDAPContac ...

Banana Tropical Dried Cocoa Beans

Tags: Banana 2018-05-07 21:16

We are 35 years old company dealing with the establishment and development of Cocoa/Cacao plantations in West Africa.We ...

Bean Products Cocoa Dry Beans

Tags: Bean Products 2018-05-07 21:14

In order to maintain our goodwill among our valuable patrons, we are dedicated towards exporting and supplying a broad r ...

Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans

Tags: Cocoa Beans 2018-05-07 21:14

Dried Cocoa beans Grade 1 which was harvested in the year 2016 available for immediate sales and export.Packaging & Deli ...

cocoa beans Trinitario and Criollo Cocoa Powder for Sale

Tags: cocoa beans 2018-05-07 21:15

we are direct manufacturer and exporter of COCOA and COFFEE BEANS for human consumption.we are capable of manufacturing ...

Colombia Dry Cocoa Beans

Tags: Colombia 2018-05-07 21:14

At 1,195 meter above sea level, Cortipaz is located in the town of Carmen del Chucuri, a very well known town on the mou ...

beans Dried Cocoa Beans for Sale Whatsaap +27620540439

Tags: beans 2018-05-07 21:15

We are direct producers and suppliers of good quality Coffee and Cocoa Beans of different types. We sell at affordable C ...

sundry cocoa beans Quality Dried Cocoa Beans

Tags: sundry cocoa beans 2018-05-07 21:14

specifications1.type:cocoa bean2.processing type:sun dried3.maturity:mature4.beans count:91 to 99 beans/kg5.place of ori ...

Chocolate Beans Cocoa Beans Cacao Beans Chocolate Beans

Tags: Chocolate Beans 2018-05-07 21:15

Type:CacaoVariety:AribaProcessing Type:GreenMaturity:DriedSize (cm):1.5Grade:Grade AACertification:ReadyWeight (kg):60Pl ...

coco powder Coco Powder

Tags: coco powder 2018-05-07 21:15

Cocoa solids are a mixture of many substances remaining after cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans. When sold as a ...

Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans

Tags: Cocoa Beans 2018-05-06 14:50



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